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With knowledge, nations rise, reform and restore what is broken in it, that’s why the founding entity has took over to invest in human development, which is the foundation and core of society to achieve the goals of comprehensive development in our new Iraq. Starting from the highest values ​​of our ancient civilization and because we are the first to write the letter and to prepare for a bright future, the beginning has been since 2017 by drawing a map to achieve this. Efforts were combined to provide the elements of an ideal and attractive university environment at all levels, from urban development that strengthens the student’s connection to his glorious cultural heritage and his promising future by integrating it with technological development to keep pace with the great development and advance the reality of education and according to the Ministry’s vision, to move towards digital universities and we have provided all the requirements for that. The university has witnessed qualitative leaps in the number of buildings, scientific colleges and scientific laboratories, as the scientific colleges expanded by attracting scientific competencies and interest in scientific research. We have worked for scientific cooperation between international and local universities and will not be content with this development, we are moving forward, we will support you to improve education and overcome obstacles to achieve our goals and make our first university in line with its vision and mission for which it was established.

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Leadership, excellence, creativity and innovation in undergraduate education, scientific research and community services


Providing encouraging educational environment for learning and creativity and providing educational programs that offer high-quality knowledge and capabilities that are in line with international classifications, as well as developing research capabilities, spreading knowledge and supporting national development.


 Al-Turath University must be a pioneer among its local and international counterparts via contributing to the process of scientific and cultural progress and economic and social development in Iraq.

 Preparing study programs that are compatible with the standards approved by international educational institutions in a way that contributes effectively to supplying the labor market.

 Preparing qualified staffs of graduates who can compete locally and globally.

 Strengthening the University’s role as a pioneering institution in advancing scientific research, community service and developing the college’s human and financial resources.

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