College of Physical Education

The College of Physical Education specializes in training students on how to improve physical performance and general health through sports activities and physical exercises.  The College provides study and training programs in areas such as sports training, sports management, and physical therapy and aims at qualifying students to practice the sports coaching profession and supervise exercise and fitness programs in various sports and health environments.

Laboratory & Classroom
Faculty Members
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The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences occupies a distinguished position in the educational process at the scientific level through its development of renewed quality standards through which it can meet the needs of its students and faculty members and work to prepare highly efficient outputs to meet the challenges of the labor market and are qualified to raise the level of performance and education through teamwork. And take responsibility.


The department seeks to prepare high-quality outputs according to international standards for the purpose of competition and development in community service and the sports environment through continuing education and competency programs, both practical and theoretical.


Preparing specialized and scientifically qualified faculty members from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. Contributing with other colleges and departments of physical education and sports sciences in developing the sports movement, such as the Olympic Committee, the Ministry of Youth and sports federations. Contributing in spreading the concepts of sports culture and community service. Preparing qualified training staff to train athletes in various specialties according to modern scientific foundations. Developing a clear strategy to reach prestigious positions among their local, Arab and regional counterparts.

Tasks & Features

  • •Developing education programs: Developing education and training programs to be distinct and innovative to reflect developments in the field of physical education and sports sciences.
  • •Promoting scientific research: Promoting scientific research in various fields of physical education, health and fitness to develop the knowledge and techniques used.
  • •Infrastructure development: Developing the necessary infrastructure for education and research, including advanced sports facilities, laboratories and equipment.
  • •Enhancing international cooperation: Strengthening cooperation with international universities and institutions in the field of education and research to exchange experiences and knowledge.
  • •Promoting health and physical fitness: Promoting awareness of the importance of physical activity and sports to improve the health and physical fitness of individuals and communities.
  • • Preparing students for the labor market: Preparing students to practice the profession of sports training and supervising sports activities in various sectors such as schools, clubs and health institutions.
  • •Contributing to sustainable development: Contributing to sustainable development via promoting a culture of physical activity and sports in communities and encouraging healthy lifestyles.