College of Health and Medical Technologies

The college aims at providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the healthcare field, including diagnosis, treatment and preventive care. The college’s programs include undergraduate and graduate studies in diverse fields such as nursing, medical technology, health administration, public health, physical therapy, clinical nutrition and others. Students at the college are taught by specialized and qualified faculty members, providing practical and applied training opportunities through cooperation with hospitals, medical centers and medical laboratories.The College of Health and Medical Technologies is considered an essential part of the health care infrastructure, as it plays a vital role in qualifying qualified health personnel and providing quality medical services.

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We’re keen to be a leader in the field of health and medical education and a globally recognized center in providing specialized educational programs, in developing scientific research and in promoting health and medical care with global standards, through community interaction and strategic alliances.


The College of Health and Medical Technologies is keen on providing high-quality, specialized education in the fields of health and medical care. We believe in the importance of integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application. We strive to motivate students to achieve their maximum potential and develop their artistic and creative skills.


• Providing advanced educational programs to meet the needs of the health labor market. • Developing scientific research and innovation in the fields of health and medicine. • Enhancing community interaction and compatibility with market needs. • Developing students’ practical, communication and leadership skills. • Promoting human values in providing health care.