Collage of Fine Arts

The college aims at providing an appropriate educational environment that enables students to develop their artistic and creative skills, enhance their understanding of artistic history and culture, and encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings through art.  The College of Arts typically follows a comprehensive study program that combines theoretical and applied lessons, while providing opportunities for practical and experimental work in various artistic crafts.

Faculty Members
Current Students


The Arts Department seeks to be a model center locally and internationally in education, research and services for the arts, with a focus on the needs of Iraqi society. The department also aims at preparing graduates capable of working in the private and public sectors and contributing in providing advanced care in the field of arts in Iraq.


Preparing and training students according to solid scientific curricula that keep pace with global developments in the field of arts and graduating skilled artists capable of providing health care to citizens.


The Arts Department aims for its radio stations to be among the leading and distinguished places in providing the best educational services via equipping them with the latest scientific devices and equipment with advanced technologies, which contributes effectively in providing the latest educational means for our students.

Tasks of College of Arts

  • •Providing specialized educational programs, developing and offering comprehensive study programs aimed at teaching and developing artistic and creative skills in a variety of artistic specialties.
  • •Organizing practical courses and workshops, providing opportunities for students to participate in practical courses and workshops that help them develop their technical skills through practical experiences and interaction with professionals in the field.
  • •Providing a creative environment, creating an educational environment that motivates students to express themselves freely and creatively and encourages them to develop their unique artistic styles.
  • •Promoting cultural interaction, providing opportunities for students to understand and appreciate different arts and cultures and promoting cultural and artistic interaction between students and the local and global community.
  • •Supporting research and innovation, encouraging students and faculty members to research and innovate in their artistic fields and providing the necessary support to develop new and innovative artistic projects.
  • •Providing exhibition and dissemination opportunities, providing platforms to display student works and the works of professional artists, whether at the level of university art exhibitions or public exhibitions and cultural events.