College of Dentistry

College of Dentistry

The college is keen on graduating qualified doctors to treat patients, ready to work in the dental clinic and equipped with sufficient skills to diagnose, treat and prevent oral and dental diseases such as fillings, bridge installation, denture installation, orthodontics and extractions, as well as treating gum diseases and performing oral and dental surgeries, dentistry joins one of the branches of applied sciences, as the academic stage of dentistry specialization includes two tracks, the first track is theoretical and academic, while the second track is scientific, applied and training.

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• The Department of Dentistry is keen to be a model center locally and internationally in education, research and services related to dentistry, with a focus on the needs of Iraqi society. • The department also aims at preparing graduates capable of working in the private and public sectors and contributing to provide advanced care in the field of oral health care in Iraq.


Preparing and training students according to solid scientific curricula that keep pace with global developments in the field of dentistry and graduating skilled dentists capable of providing health care to citizens through the ability to accurately diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment for oral diseases and dental problems.


The Department of Dentistry aims at making its laboratories to be among the leading and distinguished laboratories in providing the best laboratory and educational services by equipping them with the latest medical and scientific devices and equipment with advanced technologies, which contributes effectively in providing the latest educational means to our students.

Tasks and Features

  • • Graduating dentists capable of adopting and practicing dentistry according to advanced professional standards, communicating with the public and providing dental health services within an appropriate ethical, social and cultural framework.
  • • Graduating dentists capable of managing health services in the community by developing an integrated vision of the concept of oral and dental health and committing to developing services in this field, as well as participating in spreading awareness of oral and dental health.
  • • Graduating dentists capable of effectively managing health services for individuals using research and scientific approaches based on experience in diagnosis and long-term treatment planning.
  • • Able to manage the dental health care team, via developing team spirit, managing various resources and investing in information technology in communication and management.
  • • Teaching students on how to use medical devices effectively and innovatively.
  • • Providing the best medical devices in the field of specialization and according to the established curricula.
  • • Ensuring laboratory equipment is maintained on a regular basis, which ensures that it operates permanently and with high reliability.
  • • Creating an appropriate work environment to ensure students’ harmony in conducting experiments.

The College of Dentistry, Al-Turath University Introduces a Number of It’s Faculty Members