College of Arts

Aiming to develop comprehension and critical thinking skills, fields of specialization include languages, literature, sociology, psychology, history, geography and political science.  The College offers study programs at various academic levels, contribute to promoting scientific research and philosophical thinking, and work to enhance cultural and social understanding in society.

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We seek to be a leader in the field of arts at the national and international levels, by providing excellent educational programs and actively contributing to the development of knowledge and scientific research and building a generation of creative graduates committed to community service.


The College of Arts seeks to provide an inspiring and stimulating educational environment that promotes critical thinking and the development of knowledge in the fields of social sciences and humanities, we pledge to guide students towards academic excellence and the development of their personal and professional skills.


• Providing specialized and updated study programs. • Promoting scientific research and innovation. • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills. • Providing a learning environment that encourages participation and capacity development. • Promote cultural understanding and tolerance in society.

Tasks & Features

  • •Providing academic education, providing diverse and comprehensive study programs in the fields of arts, such as languages, literature, history, philosophy, social sciences and humanities, to develop students’ understanding of culture and heritage and enhance their analytical and thinking abilities.
  • •Scientific research, promoting scientific and intellectual research in various disciplines of literature, and supporting research that contributes to enriching knowledge and developing society.
  • •Skills development, develop students’ skills in analysis, critical thinking, writing and communication, and enhance their research and creative abilities.
  • •Cooperation with the community, strengthening communication and cooperation with the local community and cultural and social institutions to exchange experiences and provide advisory and educational services.
  • •Promoting cultural awareness and intercultural dialogue, encouraging students to explore and understand different cultures and promoting cultural understanding and dialogue between diverse cultures. Organizing cultural events, organizing and participating students in cultural, artistic and literary
  • events, such as exhibitions, lectures and cultural festivals, to enhance interaction and develop their artistic and cultural skills.