College Of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy at Al Turath University was established in 2020 as a Department affiliated to Al turath University College. In 2023, the Department of Pharmacy turned into the College of Pharmacy after Al Turath University College turned into Al Turath University. The College of Pharmacy is to graduate the first batch in 2026 and the graduates receive a bachelor's degree in pharmacy sciences. The College of Pharmacy comprises many practical laboratories and modern classrooms. The College of Pharmacy also consists of six scientific branches, namely: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacy, drugs and medicinal plants, medicines and poisons, clinical laboratory sciences, and Clinical Pharmacology. The pharmacy profession is one of the health humanitarian professions that provides assistance to patients, injured people and individuals who need medical intervention after surgical operations by providing them with a range of drugs so that they can recover. Pharmacy is one of the important medical specialties that are related to chemistry and biology, and pharmacy is known by the term (pharmacy).
The snake symbol associated with the pharmacy profession is an indication that most medicines are extracted from snake venom, and the Ground Stone is a sign of natural herbs that are crushed to extract their useful oils for the manufacturing of Medicine.

Academic Staff


Quality education in accordance with international quality standards and pioneering role in scientific research that contributes to the development of the medical services system for society.


Preparing qualified pharmacists, providing distinguished medical education and producing outstanding creative researches that serve the community and contributes to its building by creating a modern and advanced educational environment that stimulates innovation and intellectual creativity.


To prepare a qualified pharmacist, provide distinguished medical education, and produce distinguished creative research that serves society and contributes to building it by creating a modern and advanced educational environment that stimulates innovation and intellectual creativity.

Functions and Features

  • *Preparing and qualifying the necessary cadres to work in various pharmaceutical fields, such as dispensing and compounding medicines, pharmaceutical industries, and drug control.
  • *Preparing refresher courses in various pharmaceutical sciences to ensure the continuity of the scientific competence of pharmacists while following up on scientific development in the field of pharmaceutical education and integrating it into the educational policy of the college to ensure the development and enlightenment of the college’s curricula.
  • *Providing consultations and technical studies for various service sectors, as well as cooperating with scientific institutions and bodies at the regional and global levels in order to create harmony between the educational process in Iraq and the outside world.
  • *Participating in research and studies in local and international scientific conferences and preparing scientific conferences and exhibitions in Iraq with the relevant parties.
  • * Cooperation in the field of pharmaceutical control with official authorities in a way that confirms the quality and safety of medicines and embodies the concept of pharmaceutical care in society.
  • * Contributing to raising health awareness by spreading pharmaceutical culture in the rationalization and use of medicines and participating with the executive sectors concerned with drug rationalization and spreading health awareness through various media means.
  • *Contributing to developing plans and studies, participating in research in the pharmaceutical field, and submitting them to official bodies for guidance in pharmaceutical policy.
  • *Strengthening the capabilities of graduates and building bridges of communication between them and the faculty members of the college.
  • *stinguished students who present outstanding creativity.
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