College of Administration & Economics

The College is distinguished by offering comprehensive study programs covering various aspects of management and economics, which enables students to understand economic and administrative challenges and deal with them effectively.  The College adopts an educational curriculum that combines academic theories with practical applications, which helps develop critical thinking and strategic decision-making skills. The college includes a distinguished faculty with extensive experience in their fields and constantly seeks innovation and scientific research to contribute to the development of society and economic development.

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To be an internationally recognized center for education and research in the fields of management and economics, achieving academic excellence and positive impact in society.


We are committed to provide distinguished education and innovative research programs in the fields of management and economics, aim at qualifying and empowering students and researchers to excel academically and contribute effectively to the development of institutions and society.


Providing distinguished education in the fields of management and economics. Promoting scientific research and innovation in these fields. Developing students’ skills and qualifying them for the labor market. Strengthening cooperation with the private and public sectors and the local community. Promoting awareness of ethical and professional values in the practice of management and economics.

Tasks of the College of Administration & Economics

  • •Providing academic education: Developing and offering high-quality study programs in the fields of management and economics that meet the needs of students and the requirements of the labor market.
  • •Scientific research: Promoting scientific research and innovation in the fields of management and economics, via supporting research and research projects that contribute in developing knowledge and solving economic and administrative problems.
  • •Skills development: Developing students’ skills in the areas of leadership, planning, organization, administrative decision-making, effective communication and other basic skills required in the labor market.
  • •Cooperation with industry and society: Building partnerships with the private sector, public institutions, and the local community to exchange knowledge and experiences, provide training and employment opportunities for students and contribute to the development of economic and administrative policies.
  • Enhancing social and ethical awareness: Enhancing awareness of the importance of social and ethical responsibility among students and encouraging them to apply the principles of integrity and ethics in practicing the profession.
  • •Organizing events and activities: Organizing a variety of academic, social and cultural events and activities that contribute in developing and enhancing students’ skills and expanding their academic and personal horizons.

Departments of the College of Administration & Economics