College of Education

The College of Education aims at qualifying students and developing their skills in the field of teaching and pedagogy.  The college is distinguished by offering comprehensive study programs covering various aspects of education and educational psychology, which enables students to understand the foundations of education and develop modern methods and techniques in teaching and education. The college adopts an advanced educational curriculum that focuses on developing students’ practical skills and enhancing their leadership and innovation capabilities in the field of education, as well as, the college includes a specialized and distinguished faculty members, which works to guide students and provide them with the necessary academic and professional support, with the aim at creating a new generation of teachers and educators qualified to achieve excellence in the field of teaching and pedagogy.

Faculty Members


To be a leader in providing education and research in the field of education at the local and regional levels and to be a recognized center for developing educational practices and empowering students and society through our research and pedagogical applications.


The College of Education is keen on providing distinguished education and comprehensive qualification for teachers, educators and specialists in the field of education. We are interested in building a distinguished generation of educational leaders capable of achieving positive change in the field of education and society.


Providing distinguished and innovative educational programs to meet the needs of the labor market and society in the field of education. Developing scientific research in the fields of education to raise the level of educational practices. Promoting community interaction and providing educational services to the local community and educational institutions. Developing students’ skills and abilities and enabling them to think critically, innovate and lead in the field of education. Promoting moral and professional values among students to qualify them to work as effective teachers and educators.

The College of Education includes the following Departments