College of Law

College of Law

The College of Law aimed at providing  the necessary education and training for students to understand the legal system, apply laws effectively and participate in developing and improving the legal system. The College programs range from basic to advanced studies and include topics such as constitutional law, civil law, criminal law, commercial law, international law and others, students at the College of Law are taught by a specialized faculty of lawyers, judges and legal researchers and practical training opportunities are provided through applied programs and practical practice in courts and legal institutions.  The College of Law is considered an important hub in qualifying students to practice the legal profession and contribute to the development of society and the promotion of justice and the rule of law.

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Working to prepare distinguished legal staffs in the field of judiciary and advocacy and to work in legal positions in the State’s departments and institutions, as well as providing the private sector with qualified personnel in the legal aspect and working to enhance legal awareness among members of society.


Striving to occupy a prominent position in Higher Education and distinguished scientific research in the legal field and linking that to development and society according to the vision of the Al-Turath University, as well as contributing in finding appropriate solutions to the problems facing society via studying those problems and focusing on their causes through scientific research and confronting the phenomenon of organized crime and combating the administrative and financial corruption.


The department aims at preparing staffs specialized in law to work in State’s departments and institutions and the private sector via supporting the student to become familiar with basic legal facts, concepts, principles and theories, as well as consolidating the concept of rights among students at the national and international levels and preparing the student to understand, interpret, analyze and apply legal rules, enabling the student to acquire legal drafting and pleading.

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Description of Graduate's Work

. Spreading the legal culture to all segments of society

Meeting the needs of the labor market.

. Communication between the college and civil society through symposiums, workshops, conferences and continuing education.

3. Providing the State’s institutions and its three authorities with the necessary studies to develop their work.

5. Adopting modern technologies in education that will develop the student’s creative and imaginative thinking.

6. Deepening the spirit of teamwork and developing scientific research.

7. Enhancing the student’s skills in the field of legal theories and scientific applications.

8. The ability to defend and protect human rights and enable students to determine the extent of compatibility of international standards with internal legislation and the spirit of the constitution.

9. Enhancing the student’s skill after graduation in being employed by State’s institutions in the legal field and equipping him/her with special skills to solve problems associated with monitoring human rights violations and their guarantees.

Planning to Achieve Mission & Goals

Short-Term Planning

Short-Term Planning It is working to use new vocabulary annually that is consistent with the development in modern administrative sciences according to the corresponding departments that have been integrated with it, as well as trying to add new vocabulary with the permitted amount of change, which does not exceed 20% from the rest of the corresponding departments.

Medium-Term Planning

Twining up with law departments in corresponding colleges to exchange experience in curricula and academic subjects, exchanging professors and hosting them to raise the scientific level via benefiting from the scientific and practical experiences of others and looking forward to establish this cooperation with reputable international universities.

Long -Term Planning

Striving to transform the department into a college within the future development of transforming the College of Al-Turath into a University, this requires attracting distinguished professors with advanced academic degrees, as well as increasing financial resources that increase the absorptive capacity and applying e-learning mechanisms, with a tendency to open postgraduate studies for graduates of the department and other corresponding colleges, as the new private education law allows the opening of postgraduate studies in private colleges that meet the conditions.