About The University

We are moving forward to enhance education and overcome obstacles to achieve our goals and make our college at the top in line with its vision and mission for which it was established.


Since Al-Turath University Establishment

Establishment of the university

Establishment Of The University
The establishment of Al-Turath University was back in 1988 as the first private sector educational institution in Iraq to meet the changing needs of the Iraqi society in terms of embracing students wishing to study within certain specialties based on the desire and personal ambition of each student and his/her future vision whenever public universities cannot meet such ambitions.
Today, Al-Turath University has modern classrooms and laboratories equipped with all modern supplies and equipment.
The university is interested in aspects of scientific research by investing the energies of educators and students in theoretical and applied scientific research and studies, as well as training, raising awareness and scientific development within future foundations in line with modern developments through the acquisition of high technical and professional expertise and harnessing them scientifically and
academically according to an advanced methodological perspective.
The university organizes and adopts several different scientific and cultural events to occupy its distinguished position among its peers at the local and international levels through its support and organization of a number of international conferences, symposiums and training courses.

Speech of the university president

With knowledge, nations rise, reform and restore what is broken in it, that's why the founding entity has took over to invest in human development, which is the foundation and core of society to achieve the goals of comprehensive development in our new Iraq.
Starting from the highest values of our ancient civilization and because we are the first to write the letter and to prepare for a bright future, the beginning has been since 2017 by drawing a map to achieve this.
Efforts were combined to provide the elements of an ideal and attractive university environment at all levels, from urban development that strengthens the student’s connection to his glorious cultural heritage and his promising future by integrating it with technological development to keep pace with the great development and advance the reality of education and according to the Ministry’s vision, to move towards digital universities and we have provided all the requirements for that.
The university has witnessed qualitative leaps in the number of buildings, scientific colleges and scientific laboratories, as the scientific colleges expanded by attracting scientific competencies and interest in scientific research.
We have worked for scientific cooperation between international and local universities and will not be content with this development, we are moving forward, we will support you to improve education and overcome obstacles to achieve our goals and make our first university in line with its vision and mission for which it was established.

Latest Achievements

Latest achievements since the establishment

Establishing modern advanced laboratories

Inaugurating new departments

Reaching International Rankings

Developing Infrastructure

Increasing the total area of the University to inaugurate departments and entertainment facilities (swimming pools, green areas and playgrounds)

Inaugurating of administrative sections and units

Increase in the teaching staff especially Ph. D. holders

Obtaining International Ranking

• Preparing human staff from the graduates of the University and qualifying them scientifically, culturally and professionally to support the public, private and mixed sectors. Developing and introducing modern scientific majors and curriculum to keep pace with the development taking place internationally considering the capabilities available to the University that meets the labor markets’ needs. Working on enhancing the quality of the educational outcome by establishing modern research centers which participates in enriching and developing the scientific research in variety of majors. Establishing solid and real partnership with the international academic institutions and recognized universities in a way that participates in paving the way for academic and scientific cooperation for the University to take its real place among its peers.
Preparing study programs that correspond with the standards approved by international educational institutes in a way that participates effectively in providing the labor market’s needs and preparing qualified staffs from the graduates to compete locally and internationally, as well as enhancing the role of the University as a pioneer institute in developing of the scientific research and community services, as well as the growth of the financial and human resources of the University.
Al Turath University must be pioneer among its local and international peers via participating in the scientific, cultural, economic and social progress process development in Iraq.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Educational Sciences - University of Baghdad 1988
  • Master’s degree in Psychological and Educational Sciences - University of Baghdad 1991
  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology - University of Baghdad 1996

Professor Jaafar Jaber Jawad Al-Zamily Ph. D.

رئيس الجامعة
  • Bachelor's degree - Industrial Chemistry, University of Baghdad - College of Science - 1978
  • Master's degree - Physical Chemistry - University of Baghdad - College of Science - 1982
  • Ph.D. - Physical Chemistry - University of Baghdad - College of Science - 1988

Mr. Dr. Youssef Kazem Abdul Amir Al-Haidari

معاون العميد للشؤون العلمية
  • Bachelor’s Degree - Ibn Rushd College of Education - University of Baghdad - Excellence 1985
  • Master’s degree - Ibn Rushd College of Education - University of Baghdad - with distinction 1988
  • Ph.D. college of Literature, University of Jordan - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - 1995

Dr.Hussein Tohme Shadhar Alwan

معاون العميد للشؤون الإدارية

Al-Turath University President’s Speech Dear students,

We congratulate our students at the beginning of the new academic year and I welcome on behalf of my name and our faculty members of the new students at Al-Turath University, as our university is characterized by efficiency with its science and knowledge in fields that open opportunities for excellence the personal level and all institutions via its contribution in preparing generations of leaders in various fields and that student success is a joint responsibility between the university staff and faculty members, so the student can be helped by everyone and all doors open, if you find the door closed, the door of the dean is always open to the students.
Welcome to your second home and I wish a bright future for you to serve our dear country.