College of Engineering Technology

The college aims at providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills for analysis, design and development in various engineering fields, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering and others, the programs of study at the college include bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees in various fields of engineering, as well as the students at the college are taught by specialized and qualified faculty members, and include practical and applied programs that help students apply theoretical concepts in practical projects and solve real-life engineering problems. The College of Engineering Technology plays a vital role in qualifying students for the engineering profession and contributing to the development of technology and providing engineering solutions to global challenges.

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To be a global leader in the field of engineering education and applied research, contributing to the development of technologies and engineering solutions to meet the challenges of the times and achieve sustainable development.


We are committed to provide an inspiring and innovative educational environment that enhances academic excellence and develops students’ engineering skills. We’re keen on graduating a generation of creative engineers committed to social and professional responsibility.


• Providing distinguished education in the fields of engineering. • Promoting scientific research and innovation in engineering fields. • Developing students’ skills and qualifying them for the labor market. • Collaborating with industry and institutions to apply research and technology. • Promoting moral and professional values among students.

Tasks of College of Engineering Technology

  • • Providing specialized educational programs: The college designs and implements study programs covering a wide range of engineering specializations such as mechanical, electrical, civil, industrial and electronic engineering, as well as offering graduate programs for master’s and Ph.D. degrees.
  • • Scientific research: The college encourages scientific research in various fields of engineering and supports applied and technological research that contributes to the development of knowledge and technologies.
  • • Practical applications and industrial projects: The college provides opportunities for students to apply the concepts and skills they have acquired in practical projects and practical experiences in the engineering field.
  • • Cooperating with industry: The college enhances cooperation with the industrial sector and engineering institutions to provide training and employment opportunities for students, as well as developing study programs and applied research according to market needs
  • • Skills development and continuous learning: The college offers training programs, workshops and symposiums to develop students’ skills and expand their knowledge in various fields of engineering.
  • • Community service: The college is committed to provide engineering services to the local community through community service projects and engineering consultations.
  • • Promoting moral and professional values: The college works to enhance moral and professional values among students and direct them towards social and professional responsibility as engineers.