College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Specialization in the study of nursing is considered to have important advantages, as it makes a person work in a noble and humanitarian field, and specialization also provides many job opportunities, as nursing specialization gives many opportunities in different fields of work in more than one institution and health facility, the specialist It helps others in solving many of the health problems they face, thus the nursing specialty is no less important than medical studies, and this specialty also provides an opportunity to work abroad as well and easily, because it is one of the specialties required all over the world.  The nursing in universities is one of the important specializations, as it is an innate instinct in humans, and with the progress of time and developments, nursing began to move towards placing it in educational frameworks to be taught officially in schools, institutes and universities, and it became an essential pillar in medical work that cannot be dispensed with, as the study of nursing includes the study of a large number of medical branches, the specialty aims at graduating a large group of male and female nurses annually to work in various hospitals and medical clinics.

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The College of Nursing is keen on being a leader in developing health care on a global level, through the excellence of our educational and research programs and community services, and the graduation of distinguished nursing staffs that meet the needs of society and contribute in improving health and well-being.


Preparing highly educated and professional nursing staff committed to provide superior health care to all segments of society, able to compete in the labor market while respecting ethical values and promoting creativity in a stimulating environment.


• Preparing qualified nursing staff trained in the use of the latest technology. • Promoting students' personal development via encouraging lifelong learning and self-development activities. • Conducting scientific research necessary to develop nursing and health care. • Providing a stimulating academic and administrative environment for education, production and creative thinking. • Developing administrative and teaching staff to improve performance. • Promoting community participation and health awareness. Promote and open participatory channels with universities and educational and research centres internally and externally.

The College of Nursing, Al-Turath University Introduces a Number of It’s Faculty Members