Free admission program

This program is designed to provide financial and academic support for students who are experiencing a financial crisis that prevent them from being part of TU community. The program includes one-year free tuition fees, mentoring, and academic support. 170 students were included in the program in 2020, 320 students in 2021, 240 in 2022, and 270 in 2023. 94% of the students who were included in the program have successfully finished their degree, this percentage is above the expected plan for success for the college which was 90%.
All the names of the applicant are confidential and will not be exposed to the public for their favorite. TU created a committee including three professors to meet the applicants and study their applications. The application starts from 12 of June to 12 of November. The students can ask for the application from the office of their department chair who needs to approve the application first: Conditions

  • Fall the application form
  • The applicant must provide legitimate evidence for their need for the support
  • The applicant must attend an interview to convince the support center committee of their case

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Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Alturath University, Professor Ali Al-Ukaili, fulfills a simple request for God’s loved ones

Visit of the Italian Ambassador to Alturath University

Out of 110 universities in 20 Alturath countries participating in the international commercial arbitration competition