Post opening to the world and the existence of social media, the interest in the interior design major and interest in interior spaces specially that interior spaces are in direct touch with the basic needs of humans regarding resting and working, therefore offering interior environment with high standards achieves the best career performance as well as establishing high aestheticism effecting the psychological disposition of humans (user and recipient) of these spaces and increases its productivity and positive energy and offers psychological relaxation that will lead to the emergence of the feeling of consent and happiness.


The statement is that the department offers an environment that stimulates the student to know and be acquainted with all the aspects that is in touch with his/her post-graduation career and his/her knowledge of the theoretical and applied developments and the means used in investing these developments and offering what achieves the quality standards and excellence following international universities.


The department seeks to graduate Iraqi academic innovative competencies in the field of interior designing that keeps up with the international development in this major to lead the development process in this field and plant the interior design culture in the Iraqi society in order to have an effective role in aiding the Iraqi labor market and develop the interior spaces of the buildings whether these building are official, trade oriented, residential homes or hotel sector by offering innovative designs that are match with its international peers yet they are made by Iraqis.