TU Board of Trustees Chairman Mr. Ali Al-Ogaili meets UN Population Fund representative

TU Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Ali Al-Ogaili met the representative of the United Nations Population Fund Dr. Rita Columbia.

During the meeting, both discussed the latest developments in higher education, solid scientific research, the exchange of scientific expertise, and ways to facilitate scientific innovations for students of TU.

In addition to that, they discussed the way that TU can help local and international low-income students to start at TU via the available scholarships.

They also highlighted enabling the students to perform their own tasks that are related to the implementation of human development and programs.

Both asserted the efforts to proceed with the implementation of twinning between TU and international universities.

In turn, Dr. Columbia confirmed the Fund’s commitment to helping students achieve their full potential and scientific research projects, as to put their needs, aspirations, and ideas at the heart of the Fund’s work to support TU, which will be considered as the official partner in the next stage.