Department achievements

Vision, Mission, Objectives


The department of English, among the other departments at Al-Turath University, strives to sustain and enhance its quality in teaching, research, societal development as well as individuals’ development. The department aspires to help establishing other associate departments including Department of Translation, Department of General Linguistics, Department of French Language, Department of Germanic Studies … etc. to constitute a college as part of the futuristic approach of Al-Turath University.


The department will serve society by educating and creating knowledge that ought to work with excellence. The department earnestly hopes to provide future opportunities in which the students and staff thrive. The department will value excellence, quality and service leading to innovation and creativity.


Provide a vibrant and inspirational learning environment. Empower and enable the students to realize their potential alongside with new provocative ways of thinking. Equip the students with language skills to broaden their experience which paves the way for diverse future careers. Qualify the students to pursue their post graduate studies.