Annual report for Clean Energy and Green Environment 2021

The college council board discussed the annual Clean Energy and Green Environment report 2021 and the work of the Clean Energy and Green Environment Committee in addition to the ways to be developed.

The report included the following points:

  1. Increase the number of seminaries which encourage energy saving and reduce its consumption in collaborate with continuous education department in the college. Also, the council recommends invite international speakers from international organizations that concern about environment. In addition, it was decided to collaborate with ministry of environment in Iraq in the field of footprint and sustainable energy.
  2. Reduce the emitted gases through using electricity cars and solar systems or any other energy sources which reduce footprint. Therefore, the college board decided using electricity cars and bicycles for transportation through TU campus.
  3. Decrease the energy consumption in the college to the minimum level as much as possible. Therefore, the college board decided to proceed with the new energy efficient building plan. TU renovation plan include using glasses walls instead of conventional light cutting walls. Hence, decrease the need for lighting during the day which were most of the classes hold.
  4. Study UI green metrics so TU can have a better position through many points including minimize the use of electricity in the building specially the main cafeteria floor which consumes the highest rate comparing with size of floor, based on the electricity bill.
  5. Increase the number of green areas and increase its density in TU comparing with the building areas