Annual report for Clean Energy and Green Environment 2022

The college council board discussed the annual Clean Energy and Green Environment report 2022 and the work of the Clean Energy and Green Environment Committee in addition to the ways to be developed.

The board discussed the achieved points from 2021 recommendations that were pointed in the previous year report, and the ways to elevate these points into a new level. It was clear that TU is going forward in the direction of clean energy and sustainability.

The board's recommendations are as follow:

• Urge the university's office of continuing education to expand the number of seminars that promote energy efficiency and the reduction of energy usage. TU need to promote the idea of clean energy among the students.

• As an additional recommendation, the council suggests bringing in speakers from overseas representing international organizations concerned with environmental issues. Though the 2022 TU hosted a conference on green energy. The council also recommend online meetings and conferences. It was determined to work together with the Iraqi Ministry of Environment on projects involving carbon footprints and renewable energy. Use electric vehicles, solar panels, and other low-impact energy sources to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this, the TU administration has mandated the use of electric vehicles and bicycles for student commutes.

• Decrease the energy usage in the college to the minimum level as much as possible. The new energy efficient building plan was approved by the college board. Glass walls will replace the current light-blocking walls in the TU. As a result, less electricity can be saved on lights during the day, when most lessons are held.

• Research UI green metrics and THE SDGs to help TU improve in various ways, such as cutting down on electricity use in the building, especially on the main cafeteria floor, which uses the most electricity relative to its size. Make TU greener by increasing the ratio of green space to building space.

• Increase the number of buildings that use solar energy and post a new research lab to TU students and other students to use solar energy.